Blogging, time to jump in “for real”?

Since high school, I’ve underrated myself as a writer. Not that I’m great at it, or even that good at it. I do enjoy it from time to time though. I’ve written all sorts of things. Yearbook page filler when I decided to make sure our yearbook wasn’t a piece of junk. Video game reviews, which did have a decent bonus of getting you in contact with video game PR/Marketing departments, and the occasional free game. Movie reviews, personal blog updates, wordy emails that ended up looking like books when all I meant to do was get a simple point across. I’ve never really put serious thought into it lately, but when I get an idea for an update (like now) I can crank out an update in like 15 minutes. (On a Blackberry no less)

This leads me to the important part of this update. A friend of mine ( asked if I wanted to take over at the spot he had at a blog that specializes in local writers for different genres. Music, tech, romance, eateries, etc. I’m not sure if he was sure I’d take over, or he would suggest me to replace him, but it gave me something to think about. Should I dive into it? I think I have enough of a contact list that I could get the word spread enough to where I could make a few bucks here and there every few days (and by few, I do mean few.) It would be more along the lines to work on it as more than just a passing urge. I’m considering it, like I said, if it is something I’m interested in (which the subject matter is) then I should be able to crank out a bunch of entries with ease.

I know like 3 people read this (myself included) but any pointers would be appreciated.



  1. FWIW – I truly believe that if you push yourself outside your comfort zone in creative endeavors, you will learn so much more about that particular craft and mostly a lot about yourself. There will be failures/bumps but in the long run, I think you will be glad you tried. And who knows, there might be more successes. Good luck with whatever you decide, Migs.

  2. I say do it. I mean, what the else are you gonna do with all you’re free time.

    • I’m a very bus….ok no, I’m not busy at all, who am I fooling.

      • I say do it Migs. Let me know when you start writing for the blog so I can read it.

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