in this economy… what are you gonna do?

So I essentially found out last friday that I may or may not be out of a job the last week of May. Essentially, the nameless company that may or may not employ me, lost the contract for the nameless account I may or may not support, to another nameless company. In other words, my current company (in my opinion) would have no reason to keep me, unless another spot came up at a different account. Which is entirely possible, but well, in this economy, you can’t assume you’re going to have a job when you wake up the next morning.

Way too many of my friends have lost their job in the past 6 months for me to assume that I am safe from all that. The way it was laid out to me, I may get moved to another account, I may get hired outright by the account that I support, or I may get hired by the company that won the contract for this account. I give all those about a 5-10% chance each, so anywhere from 15-30% chance that I actually keep some form of employment. It may be time to dust off the old résumé and start spreading it around like Peyton Manning. No discriminating on who gets one. Dallas Clark. Pierre Garçon. Joseph Addai. Terry Tracy Porter. (thanks D-Fin)

The job search thing generally sucks on its own, but the way things are going in just about every industry lately, there are way too many people for not nearly enough jobs. I’m thinking I may need to look into venturing in other areas of the workforce. I’ve got many contacts in different fields, although I’m normally not one to use them unless absolutely necessary. Desperate times may call for desperate measures though, so if you’re reading this, don’t be surprised if you see me pestering you for any info on a job. That likely won’t happen, but well, it may. So be prepared.

It’s times like these when I start looking around my apartment at things I could sell, and prioritizing what I’d sell first if I were to go a long time without a job. TV? PS3? Computers? Movies? Games? Furniture? I’ll have to come up with an excel spreadsheet to determine what I’m going to do if it were to ever come to that. Don’t think I could ever sell my TV. I just can’t do it.

It’s not fun to have to think about this. I’m sure it’s a lot less fun to actually have to go through it. Like I said, too many friends of mine have recently gone through this. Sucks to see them in that spot. Sucks to be looking to be in that direction soon. Granted, I have 3+ months between then and now, but I am definitely one to plan things out this far in advance as to how things could play out.

I promise the next update won’t be so depressing. Maybe a nice “24 sucks this year” post, or a Community thread.




  1. It’s like Alive. Whoever dies off first. Money is on Ryan. either he tries to get drunk off of Clorox or tries to shoot up with thermal paste.

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