Insomniac Music Theater: Open Beta

VH1 gave us a lot of things…

Pop Up Video

I Love The 80s


Although, of the many hours I spent watching VH1 growing up, I think the most important show for me was Insomniac Music Theater.

As I sit here writing this at 3:04am, it’s about the time I’d finally roll over, close my eyes and listen to whatever was playing. I’d try to go to sleep since school was starting in a few hours.

Whether refusing to go to sleep, or not being able to go to sleep, it’s been about 20 years now of the same cycle. If I have something really important, I’ll force myself to sleep, but old habits die hard. Watching and listening to Insomniac Music Theater at least let me know there were enough people out there, like myself, who just wanted some music to listen to late at night.

I came up with the idea for this type of blog post about a decade ago, partially because I liked the idea of the show, though I probably injected some of my own psyche into it. Just music, and your 3:09am thoughts. Because by this time I’d have sat back up and started watching again, and figuring if I just watched one more video, I’d finally tire out and go to sleep. Rarely did it go that way, and I’d just live with the consequences at school the next morning. Though it didn’t really seem to affect grades, it was just a pain trying to stay up.

So, the idea behind these posts is really to just take whatever I’m listening to at the time, and apply my current thoughts on life, the world, sports, or whatever is on my mind.

I’ve done it before, but the 6 or so that I written in the past seem to have disappeared off of my old blog. I’ll probably go try to hunt them down, and decide whether or not to repost them. If I do, I’ll probably add my current thoughts on that situation, that at this point would have to be 5-10 years old.

I needed a wall to bounce ideas off of. This will be my echo chamber, where I’ll convince myself that terrible ideas are actually great decisions. I’ll read these back after forgetting about them in the future and shake my head at the amount of time and thought I’m going to put into some things that do not warrant it. But it’s all a growing experience. Even at age 33. Time for bed. At 3:33am.

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