Insomniac Music Theater: Panic Station

Doubts will try to break you, unleash your heart and soul (soul)
Trouble will surround you, start taking some control-(trol!)
Stand up and deliver, your wildest fantasy-(sy-sy)
Do what the fuck you want to, there’s no one to appease

Hesitation happens way too often. Whether it’s buying a house, restarting this site, being weeks away from a real audible connection… The second any decision goes any further than a spur of the moment decision, it rattles around in my head and gets overanalyzed. I waste lots of time with these things, and generally it comes from the chance of something falling through. Like I said last week, I’m trying to get to where these things are just part of daily life. Some things go right, some go wrong, but you don’t dwell on them long enough to affect you the way they can from over thinking it.

Well, a week after my last entry, I think it was good to let things out. There’s still plenty to sort out, but I’m at working on it. Had a few fun weekends in a row to help get myself out of a rut. Game night with my cousins, sister’s birthday party, Dynamo game with a friend, Astros game with my cousin to get the replica championship ring. Mix in some trivia every Wednesday and I’ve kept myself relatively busy. Rockets will be starting their playoff run soon as well, so I would imagine I’ll be out and about a bit more for at least a few months. Maybe I should try to plan a meetup of all my interweb people to watch a game and hang out since it’s so few and far between these days. Wonder if the Rockets will have their own replica championship ring as well.

As for work, well, we’ll see. I’ll let that sort itself out for now and focus on the things I can focus on.

I think my next thing to focus on is going to be finally getting a house. I’ve slowly been mentioning it to friends and family. Generally I’ll keep things really close to the vest, so this is a bit of a change. There’s some things I still keep close, though I may write about some of those in the future. The house thing, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a few years, and I keep coming up with excuses. Well, now that I’m making some changes, this is a step in making that happen. It’ll enable a lot of other plans for my future. Ultimately, it’s just a matter of deciding when to do it and finding the right place, of course.

Fuck it, Nick’s Place for the Rockets playoff game sounds good. They will probably be packed but it’ll be a good time. Unless we lose. Then the season is over. /Houston

I think that’s all I have for now. See y’all (my future selves)  next time I can’t sleep.

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