Blogging, time to jump in “for real”?

Since high school, I’ve underrated myself as a writer. Not that I’m great at it, or even that good at it. I do enjoy it from time to time though. I’ve written all sorts of things. Yearbook page filler when I decided to make sure our yearbook wasn’t a piece of junk. Video game reviews, which did have a decent bonus of getting you in contact with video game PR/Marketing departments, and the occasional free game. Movie reviews, personal blog updates, wordy emails that ended up looking like books when all I meant to do was get a simple point across. I’ve never really put serious thought into it lately, but when I get an idea for an update (like now) I can crank out an update in like 15 minutes. (On a Blackberry no less) Continue reading


must. stay. awazzzzzZZZ…

So I get booked to do two conferences during the afternoon, setting up and supporting a laptop and projector that I set up for the conference. Luckily, I am in the far back of the room. I get to people watch while the conference is going on. This helps in keeping busy so I don’t fall asleep, as there is 0% that pertains to me. Continue reading

Digital Media OCD

So here’s one of my many weird traits. I obsess over the organization of a lot of my digital media, mainly, my MP3s and my DVD rips. Yes I own these DVDs, and rip them to my PC because I’m a lazy ass and I like the way Windows Media Center in Windows 7 handles the DVD rips. WMC and the MyMovies application combine to give one of the easiest archiving/presentation combos I’ve seen for any digital media. It basically turns your movie collection into a Netflix-y screen where you can scroll through all your movies. It automatically adds DVD art, actors, synopsis/plot, and links to trailers. With the media center PC hooked up to my TV, it makes being a couch potato that much more fun. Continue reading

Still alive…

So I decided I should probably update, cause you know, my ones and ones of readers demand that I write. So, I shall write.

It’s only fitting that my first update in over 3 months be about the same topic as the last update I had. Houston Dynamo faced the LA Galaxy last night in a sham of a game. Landon and Beckham were their usual douchebag selves, only furthering my anger at the ridiculous BS going on in the field of play. First of all, memo to the Galaxy. Before you sign a washed up player for 250 million, you might want to pay your light bill. Rolling blackouts? Is Ken Lay back from beyond the grave? Not once, but twice, the lights went out at Home Depot Center. It is rare to ever see the clock in a soccer game stop in the middle of a game, and it happened twice. Continue reading

Dynamo Game

Well, I’m getting ready to go to my 2nd Dynamo game ever. I really don’t know why I don’t go to more games. I generally watch most of the games on TV. Maybe I’ll ditch going to Astros games the rest of the year and go see the Dynamo instead. I am going to check the game out with my sister, as she has been stuck at home all week with my younger siblings babysitting them. Plus I want to use her camera. I won some tickets on the Orange Slice soccer show on 1560 The Game. Continue reading

First of MANY soccer rants I will have in the next 12 months

So I’m typing this while doing laundry. Watching little kids “play” on the arcade games. (also known as getting in the way of me playing Pac-Man while they have no quarters. Little jerks. No, I’m just kidding. There’s no Pac-Man)

There’s a TV here, and being that I’m in what you’d consider the Salvadorean part of Houston, of course the TV is on the soccer game. Then again, which part of Houston ISN’T full of us. The TV is on Mexico vs Guadalupe. As I heard many a times last night, a certain Brock Lesnar has as much class as school on Christmas. Well, let’s say the Mexican soccer team is the Brock Lesnar of CONCACAF. Except at least Brock wins. For those of you (everyone) that doesn’t know what I’m refering to, check this out.

Continue reading


We should have seen it coming. Everyone else did. We didn’t want it to happen. He was going to lead us back. He already had one billion people on his back, what’s another 4 1/2 million? We all believed Yao was going to instantly make us title contenders. We doubted those who said he’ll just be another Rik Smits. Gheorge Muresan. Every other 7’4″ guy or taller. Eventually, foot problems hit them all. Continue reading